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The Hungry Games

by Wendy on January 11, 2014

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Every year we get the bug to try out new (or try ‘again’) a few activities or sports that are not part of our everyday lives.

In December, Jason took up fencing (he’s tried it a few times in the last couple years) and I decided to try my hand at archery.  I hadn’t tried it since summer camp as a child, but after reading a very poignant and easy-reading book called Lost & Found by Jaqueline Sheehan, and of course, being exposed to the blockbuster book and movie series, The Hunger Games, I felt my time to revisit the sport had come.

It was lots of fun, and I found my ‘inner zen’ by clearing a bit of the mental noise to focus on the stance, the steady arrow, and the target.  I even popped a balloon in a ‘playful’ round at the end of my lesson!  Jason, I’m told, has a natural feel for fencing.  I’m not surprised, having long studied a number of martial arts styles, and as it turns out a ‘perfectly shaped thumb’ for a proper hold of the saber. (Who knew?)

I’ve titled our experience ‘In training for. . .The HUNGRY Games’.  For one, our lessons indeed made us hungry (no surprise there) AND as exercise goes, we felt we earned a few extra holiday treats from all those calories burned in concentration and sweat!

A day well-lived.

What kind of fun activity have you tried lately . . . or are planning to?


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