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Scrumptious! Taste Trailblazers

by Wendy on March 12, 2014

Image about Scrumptious Taste Trailblazer | Bazilians


Flavor and taste,

Taste and flavor,

Go hand-in-hand as our meals are savored.


We all want to be braver,

to be strong, not waiver

our clients desire everyday lifesavers.


Not tasteless wafers, not another space-saver,

but behaviors . . .that are major,

An endeavor . . .that’s forever.


The ‘taste’ of eating right is a liberator . . .a motivator,  

and when scrumptious and nutritious, a real game changer.


Nutrition and flavor, united and favored,

by our clients who tailor their energized behaviors.

A Superhero pair in life’s healthy eating capers.      


Nutritionists and clients,

partners in healthy behaviors.

Taste trailblazers!



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