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Of Rosemary and Remembrance – My Flavor of Together Story

by Wendy on February 6, 2014

Recently I was invited to share a personal ‘flavor story’ for McCormick’s 125th anniversary celebration. 2014 marks 125 years that McCormick has been in the business of ‘flavor,’ probably most obviously to me and you by way of recipes we’ve created using those iconic red capped bottles that take shelter in our cupboards, as well as the glass bottle grinders and their green topped gourmet herbs and spices.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with McCormick for a number of years – a relationship that started when our worlds collided – figuratively and flavorably.  They had recently become interested in exploring the science and research of culinary herbs and spices in a way that could support both the important work of scientists focusing in this area and also the growing consumer interest, an extension beyond already leading the world in flavoring our plates for more than a century.  At the same time, I – both a ‘passionate eater’ and also a passionate student – had been researching, reporting on, and writing about the science of herbs and spices during my graduate education and in my career.  It was a harmonious flavor-pairing to be sure!

In fact, I recently came across a scientific review of the literature on ginger that I presented to my doctoral colleagues and faculty back in 2001.  I was a novice at PowerPoint and graphics at the time, but the content of the report reflecting the research done up until that time, even now 13 years later, was still fascinating and compelling. Research has really come a long way on ginger since then . . .and also about many of our other delicious herbs and spices.

But lest I digress, I’ll save “more on that topic” for another day.  Here is the link to my flavor story I entitled “Of Rosemary and Remembrance” along with a snapshot of the web page where I join the many others who have also already shared their own flavor stories!

We all have a flavor story (or 101!), wouldn’t you agree? 

Image about Flavor of Together Wendy Bazilian Rosemary story | Bazilian

Oh and one additional, wonderful note, I wanted to be sure to share that McCormick is contributing a dollar to the United Way for every flavor story shared throughout 2014 at  It doesn’t have to be a long story: perhaps a simple memory, a recipe tried and enjoyed, a favorite meal or adventure around flavorful food.  Even though I wasn’t asked to share this nugget of information, I couldn’t resist. . .

A penny for your thoughts. . .a dollar for your flavor memory!   



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