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It’s National Walking Day!

by Wendy on April 2, 2014

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Well, we like to think that every day is walking day, but today is a day to ‘remind’ us how important and relatively easy it can be for our health.

Try one or more of these tips:

  1. Wake and walk. Before your brain turns on, slide on the sneakers and step out the door. 15 minutes! 
  2. Walk and talk. If a meeting CAN be done walking instead of sitting, why not? OK, maybe not if you’re reading papers or showing a powerpoint, but IF it’s possible, try it! Research has even shown that creativity picks up when you walk.
  3. Take 100 steps and time it. (Probably around a minute, certainly no more than two). If you use a pedometer, you’ll see how quickly a minute of two added here-and-there during your day really add up. And 2000-2500 steps equals a mile.
  4. Walk to a further restroom than usual at the office or in your house. Change it up. It adds steps and those steps matter.
  5. Walk after meals. 10 minutes after a meal. Not fast, but with purpose. Helps digestion, gets you away from the table, reinvigorates the mind and 3 times and you’ve done your 30 minutes daily!

What ways do you get some extra daily steps?


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