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GOAL-TIME! Happy New Year!!!

by Wendy on January 1, 2014


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Do you make resolutions? Are you looking to set some goals in the New Year? While reflecting on 2013 and setting our sights on 2014, Jason and I sat down and took a pause to think about these areas. We wanted to share them with you, too.
Here are some aspects of life – and HEALTH — you might think about and see if there are a few goals you wish to set for the year ahead (and the goals don’t need to be big ones). This is just a nice way to look at the multiple facets of wellness in our lives and see where we are engaging in them–small or big–over the years. They all play a part in well-being and wellness. And wellness is dynamic, ever-changing.

Goals can be general or broad and some more specific. . .and they can evolve over time. You don’t have to set ‘specific’ goals in each category either—that can feel overwhelming! We like to think about looking at various ‘parts’ of life (and they often overlap so a goal may fit more than one category) and think about how we’re always moving forward and seeking balance. Balance is not ‘static’; it’s a moving entity that we adapt to, grow with, nourish and enjoy over time. Our natural self SEEKS balance.

Explore these areas generally—you may already be happy and engaged in them, too—and then maybe ‘check-in’ periodically (quarterly?) to consider your resilient balance! Remember, health and wellness are about vitality and resilience. . .evolving, reacting and adapting over time.

Healthy nutrition

Eating (and drinking) well! What are you choosing on your plate—what’s in it for YOU? Flavor, nutrition, color, satisfaction, health.


Type or frequency of what you’re doing (to continue) or would like to do moving ahead or something like an activity you would like to try or learn.

Personal / self-care

Stress management, massage, healthcare including appointments: the doctor, complementary health, homecare AND the spa!

Connecting with others

Family, friends, groups—social interactions.

Mind: Learning/enrichment

Reading, classes, lecture, topic of interest, language, a skill or hobby, travel, other areas.

Art / culture

Music, dance, theater, art – attending, participating or supporting.


Meditation, prayer, religious participation, or other spirit-enhancing practices.

Volunteering / Giving back

Philanthropy, service, mentoring.

Mind/Body: Emotion

Consider stress, anxiety, loneliness, and other emotions. . . happiness and love tie in here too!


Rest, sleep—hour, wake-up routine, quality.


Gardening, sport, enjoying the outdoors.


Family, friends, animals, society, self.


Necessary! And this can include any of the other areas, too!

What areas are you looking to make changes in this year? 

Happy, Healthy YOU Year!




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