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It’s National Walking Day!

April 2, 2014

Image about Walking Day April | Bazilian

Well, we like to think that every day is walking day, but today is a day to ‘remind’ us how important and relatively easy it can be for our health. Try one or more of these tips: Wake and walk. Before your brain turns on, slide on the sneakers and step out the door. 15 […]

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The Hungry Games

January 11, 2014

Image about archery and fencing | Bazilian

Every year we get the bug to try out new (or try ‘again’) a few activities or sports that are not part of our everyday lives. In December, Jason took up fencing (he’s tried it a few times in the last couple years) and I decided to try my hand at archery.  I hadn’t tried it since summer camp as a child, but after […]

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Every STEP counts! Walking is great exercise (Pedometer)

September 16, 2013

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Be a part of the growing number of people who walk regularly! A few facts  Walking burns 4-5 calories per minute! 10,000 steps = approx. 4.5 – 5 miles 2,000 steps = approx. 1 mile 1 mile = approx. 100 calories burned 10,000 steps per day = approx. 500 calories burned per day 70,000 steps […]

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