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6 Reasons We Love Valentine’s Day

by Wendy on February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is a wonderful (and free) gift we can give. It is not bought or sold. While we agree that this should not be the only day we express our love for one another (in fact we think that it should be every day), and t…hough it does have a commercial and potentially stressful or emotionally-charged element to it for some, here are 6 reasons why we love this day:

1. Homemade Valentines.

Today reminds us that a piece of construction paper or a doily or a red pen on copy paper pulled right out of the printer’s tray can communicate a thoughtful and loving message. It’s good practice too. Write letters and little notes–in addition to emails and texts! Let this be a jumping off place to renew small gestures of kindness to others by writing, or an ‘exclamation point’ to a wonderful habit that may be already in place.

2. Sweet treats.

They come in many forms and should be special, enjoyed with a loving sentiment and savored. Write us if you you’d like our delish and nutrish recipe for chocolate and cinnamon-flax dipped, citrus and sweet ricotta stuffed strawberries! (I’ll post it soon, too!) Image about Citrus-ricotta stuffed stuffed strawberries dipped in dark chocolate and cinnamon-flax | Bazilian

3. Vocalizing the greeting.

Like other holidays, Valentine’s Day gives us a positive and universal greeting. You can say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” to a stranger on the street, a cashier upon checking out, or a person sitting next to you on the bus, as well as your parent, sibling, cousin, friend, and honey. It’s a “hello” that’s kind and socially acceptable. Happy Halloween! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Happy Fourth of July! Happy New Year! We kinda wish every day was a day that people felt comfortable lifting their eyes to one another to say “happy ‘today’ day!”

4. Because love is important.

Expressing love to others is important–an essential and universal emotion. We may have a true Valentine’s partner today or not, but hopefully you have someone to love and be loved by to share a conversation or an occasion with today. We are each others’ Valentines. And the Bazilians have love to spare — will you be ours?

5. Every gesture counts.

Even if flowers cost more, menus are overpriced, candy-coated conversation hearts are filled with artificial colors and corny sayings, and chocolates are packed in tacky foiled boxes, making an effort counts. Sure there should be (many) other days and other ways (and it doesn’t have to be long-stem roses or expensive gifts either!) where we make an effort. But any day you think of someone and are thought of in any way big or small counts!

6. Because we’re big fans of love. Period.

No room for hatin’ when you’re celebrating love!


With full hearts, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day,

Wendy and Jason


Your 2 ¢

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